Thursday, August 13, 2009



Couldn't be more happier than today, I guess. Started this day with some laughs and ended with super laughs too. Me, Sisi, Wita, Nina, Tata and Monik were laughing about something that I can not tell you guys here cause it's kinda rude. Well the point is, we were joking around about something very funny and stupid. In the afternoon, I went to the mall with Wita and Verina to find a birthday gift for Marci. 
Finally, I decided to take a math&physics course with Wita and Verina together, remembering that my 'jimmy-neutron' brother will go to Netherlands next September so I have to find another helper teacher. Wishing that Marci can join us too there.
I miss my most comfortable friends in the world so much! They're my TPSU friends&sisters&family. And I feel much much comfortable with my new class these days, but only with a few of them. We just need some times to make the great class. 
Would someone please buy me a portion of chicken satay right now? I'm hungry and it's 11:08 PM. Terrific. 

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