Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Can you believe that this week I eat chicken satay everyday? I don't know why but it's weird. And I eat about 2 portions (plus 2 lontongs) each day. I feel like a pregnant female pig. Call me freak but I can't help it. Really can not help it.
School has been very busy and also tiring these days. My first chemistry test was okay but definitely not okay for physics. Sheesh, I'm scared. Much home works to do too and I'm trying to be strong here. 
Oh, I want to tell you about my new toefl class at elokuensi every monday and wednesday. It's quite fun but too serious in the same time. I have to say that it's a... it's a hard class. Reading all the time and it makes me headache and sleepy. 
New chicken soto menu at the canteen! I love it and I ate twice of that today. Hehehe. Wondering why I ate too much today. I went to CC with my mom + brother and ate chicken satay(again) + ketoprak in the same time. What a fat ball!
I want to have some best mood, please. 

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