Friday, August 14, 2009



I don't know what Z means until  Jane, one of my TPSU friends told me that Z is kinda super-smart girl who studies all the time and not socialize. And she always says that I will be one of them cause I took science program, hahaha. I absolutely do not want to be one of them. Science can be fun too!
Anyway, there was a sex education at my school so we didn't study at all. We supposed to have a biology test but finally it suspended until next week, fiuh thanks God. 
Today, my class wore the red-white bow on the right side of our hair. Well, the atmosphere of Independence Day is everywhere. Few of my friends from the Social class were laughing at us and said that my class's independence day is on 14 august, not 17 august. bla bla bla. 
But actually, I don't feel like we will have an independence day because my school is scared of bombings thing so after the ceremony we will just go home. Usually, like a years ago, we have some cool stuff like some class meeting. Oh man, independence day will be boring. Not cool. 

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