Monday, June 1, 2009


well, I want to say that I'm so glad because finally, Manohara came back to Jakarta yesterday! It's just not fair with what happened to her. She's just 17! She's supposed to be a normal teenager just like me, like you, like us! I couldn't stop watching Global TV and other news report yesterday with my mom to see Manohara. God, she's so beautiful, calm, sweet, mature, and I just like the way she talks.. naturally sweet.. 

By the way, I promised to my brother to post his pic as big as I can because I want to say thank you to him for teaching me very very well and great in physics, math, chemistry and accountancy subject. Thanks brotheeeeerrrr! I'm wondering if you're not here, yeah, my scores would be very bad. 

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zzz I need a rest and hibernation. I've just downloaded Berry Likumahuwa's GoodSpell album at 4shared. His songs are cool, I like it a lot. Anyway, I'm planning to watch Night at The Museum 2 with Wita and Verina tomorrow. I miss my best friends! The work world program from school called "magang" here is not really important, I prefer studying at school rather than doing that, as long as I can meet my friends. For this program, I work at Kedai Kurcaci at Mall Kelapa Gading 3 for a week. It starts today, and it's so boring. Thank God there's Hilda and Audry with me. And the workers there are very friendly, so it heals my bored even just for a bit. Sleepy! saying "siomay, batagor, tante silahkan!" for a billion times.. Fuh,I've just realized that being a customer service in the restaurant like that is so boring, especially when people ignore us. I'm gonna post our photos there, the dwarf dolls are very cute! but later, not now.. 

miss sunshine.

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