Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Laugh Out Loud

Finally, I watched Night at The Museum 2 with Hilda, Wita, Verina and Marci at La Piazza after the "magang" thing at 5.35 pm yesterday. The movie was very good! Very funny, obviously. We laughed like crazy, 50 thumbs up for Ben Stiller. It's really a nice movie to watch, especially for you guys who need some mood refreshing. 

Upcoming movies that I really want to catch
- Star Trek
- Transformers 2
- Queen Bee
- Garuda di Dadaku

Anyway, I can't make my promise to post the photos of the work world program called "magang" yesterday because I'm too tired now. Today it was not bad, quite fun actually. The workers there are very crazy and kind! Maybe that's the only one thing that I'm gonna miss if this work program end. But I can still meet them because they're not far away from me, just go to Mall Kelapa Gading 3 and I can see them. 

And my brother sent me this pictures. Rakha can sit by himself! GOD, I was very shocked when I saw this.. Can't believe that he grows up very fast and it means no more baby Rakha. But he's still cute for me! 

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I'm playing Splapp-me-do The Impossible Quiz on the internet with my brother now and it's so cool!

miss sunshine.

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