Tuesday, April 21, 2009


yesterday I went t Bugis and City Hall because my brother wanted to buy some roll films that he couldn't find at Jakarta and yea he bought many antique roll films that Jakarta doesn't have.

Anyways, see something big there? HaHaHa, He bought Fuji Instax Camera too, yesterday. It costed 109$ (Singapore). It's very cool :) 

the first photo from instax

By the way, I have no passion to take some pictures this time. Usually, if I visit Singapore I always take many pictures but this time, I don't know. HeHeHe not important. Doh' I haven't done anything yet; besides, I already brought Geography, Accountancy, Algebra, Chemistry and Physics. I've done Accountancy so far. I feel very lazy, I just want to play with Rakha.

miss sunshine.


hanna said...

firda honey i want that fuckbulous instax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanne Eureka said...

firdaaa mau dong instax nyaaaa! ahaha :D

Firda Firdaus Abdi said...

firda to hanna: hahahah di singapore banyakkk stok nihh hannn

firda to kak jeanne: iyaa kakk di sini stok nya banykk ga kek di indo hahah trus lebih murah, kalo di indo 1 jutaa lebih gituu hahaha

andrii said...

aaa! me wanna your camera!

Firda Firdaus Abdi said...

firda to andri: hahaha di singapyuur banyaak ituu hehehe