Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is a confessions of an Auntie....
    Firda as an Auntie.....

okay I think I'm gonna stop using this Tee for a while, I'm using it all the time (not really "all the time"):p

today I went to Plaza Singapore because Rakha wanted to swim. HaHaHaHa The place was so cute, there was a quite huge tub and the baby will be put in there. Well this is Rakha before he went to the water

please play it, he's very cute

so sad that I didn't take a video when he was in the water. do you want to know why? It was because HE WAS CRYING VERY LOUD, he didn't like when he wore the float. After that, he won't stop crying, so we decided to go home. My brother already bought the swimming tools things for baby, though; so Rakha still can swim at home. 

wait for another pics,
miss sunshine.


MarchUuut... said...

FIRDA Cuuuuraaaanggg...!
ah, lucu skalie kpopnaknmuuu
titip salam :
ajujujiba rakha..! hehehe

Firda Firdaus Abdi said...

hahahaha makasih marcisayang :D