Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Singapore Flyers! It was awesome friends! I'm scared of being in a high place so I thought it would be very scary because it's the highest flyer in the world, it's even higher than London eye (my brother said that). But infact, it was not scary at all because it moved very slowly about 30 minutes every one round.

After that, we ate at a restaurant ( I don't know what the name is) and the fried rice was VERY DELICIOSYYOOOONG Hehehehehe not important.

Anyways, this is Rakha's video, watch it; The video named THE BLINKING FROG. I gave that name because Rakha's eyes were blinking everytime we were clapping HaHaHa It's veryyyy funny!

Rakha is 5 months today!

By the way, my hair is getting longer everyday.. should I cut it? But, if I cut my hair then I can't bunch my hair and it will be very hot and it will disturb my face. Raaaawwrr I'm tired of my pimples on my forehead! I want to make them disappear asap!

Kay guys, I think I should finish my assignments.. But yea I'm very lazzzzzzyyyy to do it. Hush hush Lazy Lady!

miss sunshine.

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