Sunday, March 8, 2009

jazz (ing) up my life

yesterday i went to JJF (java jazz festival) 2009. i went there with my brother and dinda. i was with dinda more than with my brother cause my brother met his friends and he watched jason mraz and i didn't. i didn't watch jason mraz performance and i'm regretting myself now, cause my brother said jason mraz was very cool! ergh i hate myself, why i refused my brother's offer when he asked me to watch jason mraz? stupid. anyway, java jazz was very crowded, super crowded. i went there from 4 pm to 1.30 am ;p it was so fun and cool.

sorry, it's too small.

i met many celebrities from indonesia who watched java jazz too. and i took some picture with them hahahaha. i felt very lucky :)

maliq n d'essentials
i want angga :(

nino and rayi. minus asta

widiawati and benny likumahuwa

indra bekti

err i love java jazz, i want to watch it again next year. i hope :) anyway, my school is very kind. we got holiday until tuesday. what a quite long weekend. but unfortunately, i've got nothing to do and i got an acountant test on wednesday and physics on thursday. moron! hate that. it means i have to study on monday and tuesday :s

jazz jazz jazz
miss sunshine.

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