Saturday, March 7, 2009

it always be a FREAKY FRIDAY

yesterday i went to wita's house for something which not important. we just wanted to be wild and did something crazy. and we did that successfully. actually, if marci didn't come then it won't be that crazy. oh, vina, wita's lil sister joined us too. geez she was very uncontrolled hahaha. we sang, we made some video clips, we pretended to be a power puff girls, we played barbie doll, planned laura's bday and everything. aaaaah it was very fun and i felt very free to express myself like no one cares what i was doing. 

"fighting crime, trying to save the world. THE POWER PUFF GIRLS!"

sometimes we need to do something like that. being free and crazy, screaming and let ourself in to the music. it's better if we do that with our best friends cause we won't feel ashamed. 

who cares?
with vina, wita's lil sister

free your mind!
miss sunshine

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