Friday, February 27, 2009

DON'T YOU WANNA KNOW? and my brother present......

taken by: my brother with mr.robocam

taken by: stupid firda with mr.robocam

yeeaaaah those are the results of DISDERI 3 or the robo cam. very gorgeous. actually it's gorgeous when my brother took the picture only. when i took a picture with it, i didn't listen to my brother. he said "don't took the picture inside your class firda, the light won't be enough." but i ignored, and eehm i got the super BAD results of mine.

naughty firda
taken by: my brother with olymbus

well, olymbus. hahaha that's another toycam that i haven't explained to all you guys who read this blog. that's just the same toy cam that my brother bought last week at jatinegara. well, if you know the price, you might not believe it. he only bought that for only 10 thousand rupiah! that is very very cheap! and the results are not really bad, very good too actually. 

taken by: my super cool brother with olymbus

heeemm i'm jealous actually, with him. he can take many many good photos so why can't I? i'm pretty sure i can do such things like him too hehehehe not important, forget it.

happy toycam(ing)!
miss sunshine

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