Friday, February 20, 2009


yepp another toy camera that my brother bought yesterday from the online shopping thing. the sender sent it by TIKI hehehe. it called
disderi 3 aka robo cam and it has 3 lens-->two eyes and one mouth, see? and it use 35 mm roll film. it's very cute and really really just like a toy! ow, the most important thing is.. IT'S PINK! hahaha don't know why my brother finally choose that color, actually he wanted the green one but we thought that we had the green one for holga so why don't we try to have another color then? but I have to admit that the pink is so cute ;) don't you think? hehehe oh, you have to know that he bought that for only Rp 200.000,00! it's quite cheap for camera right? esp for that super cute toy camera! HAHAHA aarrr can't wait to print the roll film if it's done, wanna see the result! will it be just like a lomo? or what? well, be patient baby, see you later!

bip bip bip GO ROBO GO!
miss sunshine

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