Wednesday, February 11, 2009


taken by: my brother with fujica m1

heyyy all! it's been a long time since the last time i posted, right? well I am very very busy and I have many things to do in this month. assignments, tests, homework, blabla, blili, blublu and tralalala!!! well, those stuff are make me craazzzyy but it's fun because of my cherry friends of course. they cheer up my life! HAHAHA --

GRAOR (ing)
taken by: my brother himself with holga 120 CFN and fisheye lens for holga

yep those are my pictures with my silly brother. he is very obsessed with camera! well, lomo and fujica only actually. hahaha he buys many many rollm films for the lomo, fisheye for holga and fujica. fujica is super cool! it is the first camera that made from indonesia. well, kinda lomo but it's different. he bought that at passer baroe 100 ribu only! GOD he's a genius! hahahaha he brings them everywhere and captures everything! yeah I have to admit that he is a good lomographer :) CRAZY BROTHER. he joins lomonesia, and other forums about lomography. aaaaaa he doesn't really have anything to do actually hahahaha but it's so good you know, having my brother here for about 2 months. he's never been here that long! I'm very happy :D

taken by: my brother with fujica m1

taken by: my brother with fisheye lens for holga

my brother with his fujica m1
taken by: ME (finally!) with fisheye lens for holga

okay guys GTG, many things to do! oh, VALENTINE is coming...! but it's not really important. moreover, I don't have any boyfriend hahahahaha :p i just want to spending time with my friends! 

i love my holga
taken by: my brother with fujica m1

miss sunshine

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