Friday, February 27, 2009


the smile of happiness

school seems very happy lately. tests are over, assignments are over, well not really over actually but at least not as many as the last 2 weeks. i love my class. we do everything together now! no more gangs, no more big problems, and nothing really complicated that make my class separated into pieces. we solved those things. emm maybe there are some little problems but we didn't take it too seriously, just stay calm and control our emotions. we support each others, we laugh together, we hang out together, we study together, we do wild things together, together, together, together and together. errr can't believe this is already the second semester of the first grade of senior high school. i mean, time moves very very fast like it's running for a sprint. and we'll be separated (again and again, why would the world create a separated things like this? it hurts you know! ). geez i really had tons of fun in my class, nothing can replace them, my friends obviously. can't imagine how it will be like if we are separated hhhh i'm too scared to imagine those kind of sad stuff actually. let's fill the last time with another happy laugh guys :D

i love you
miss sunshine

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