Monday, January 12, 2009


can you believe it?

well am i handsome? hahaha. almost all people said that when i became a pope on the pensi last saturday. kak yurika put on a make up on me and it was really awesome! she did make up really great! suddenly she made me just like a real man! oh my god, no one believe that i am a girl. that was so cool :p hahahaha 

the boys or the girls?

GEEZ. i miss TPSU to the core :s i really miss them sooo much. practicing at sport hall, laughing together, taking a picture at my webcam, listening to LOW for a hundred times, taking a nap together... wrauuuuurrr i miss those thingy :(((((  fyi, i didn't bring laptop this morning and i felt there was something missing because almost everyday for 4 months i brought laptop to school for the pensi things. huhuhuhu. i just wanna cry now..... 

I LOVE TPSU. very very very much :3 that's all i can say, friends. i am speechless and wordless now.

good bye handsome, miss sunshine

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