Thursday, January 1, 2009



yesterday my mom, my brother, my cousin and I had dinner at yuraku at 8 pm and it was very crowded so we had to wait for 30 minutes.


we ate many things there and we were very full after we finished at 9.30 pm. 

greedy :s

well, actually we had many plan for new year like watching maliq at hyatt but unfortunately the tickets were sold out wraaur. we wanted to go to citos to watch ran and naif but we were pretty sure it will be very crowded there and of course.. traffic jam grrr. and finally, again and again we spent our new year at la piazza, watching fireworks. it was not really bad, quite cool i think. 

dinda and I bought two trumpets, 5 thousands rupiah only for each trumpets :p not really important. 

well, la piazza was very crowded. very very crowded... of alay, outside. emm they were not disturbing anyway, so i didn't pay many attention of them. 

bzzz sorry i don't write this post as cheerful as usual because i'm very lazy to write right now, i don't know why :s hehehehe. well, i miss my besties a lot, really really wanna see their face right now huhuhu. i hope 2009 will be much much better than 2008 though 2008 gave me many fantastic stories hahaha

merry happy new year guys!
miss sunshine

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