Wednesday, December 31, 2008


heeey all, i was very lazy to update my blog lately. this morning i came to school because of the cheery TPSU. we decorated the property for the pensi hehehe from 7 am to 11 am. then i ate chicken noodle at teresia with my mother and brother and kak sekar :) after that, we went home and i slept until 5 pm. o yea, yesterday was my mother's birthday so today at 6 pm we went out to eat with the whole family at sederhana (padang's restaurant) because my grandmother doesn't like anything but padang's so we choose sederhana hehehe. we finished at 8 pm. 

silly ;)

my brother, kak sekar (his girlfriend)and I really wanted to watch madagascar 2 so we went to XXI kelapa gading to watch that. we watched that at 9.10 pm :)

marty, alex, gloria, melmen

GEEZZZZ madagascar is a VERY VERY FUNNY, GOOD, and INTERESTING MOVIE TO WATCH! i like it very much, i couldn't stop laughing hahahaha all the characters are very funny and stupid hahahaha ow, i really like melmen and gloria. fyi, i cried when melmen said romantic things to moto moto in front of gloria oh my god that was sooo sweet :)

stupid couple 

we went home at 10.30 pm. errr new year is coming! i really want to make an own party with my family, maybe just a little simple party but well, i still don't know. hoaam i am sleepy guys, see you!

i love marty, alex, melmen and gloria :3
miss sunshine

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