Sunday, December 21, 2008


saturday, december 20
look at my super graor hair. HAHA

yep, I finally got my report card today. It wasn't bad overall, but my geography score is 60 and that's bad. hahaha well i just want to think about the future and study harder on the next semester. my bunda said that actually.
then i ate chicken noodle at teresia. geez, it was very very delicious.actually me and my brother ate 2 portion of that HEHEHE i feel ashamed. and after that, i went to sarinah with bunda and my brother to buy the traxkustik tickets but when i arrived, the man said that the tickets were sold out and i was very upset. i'll come back on monday, maybe. then i went home and slept until 6 pm and my little cousin named clapinski and his nickname is pipi came to my house with her mother. wruaaar i was very happy because he's so cute and funny hehehe. then i took out my fedora, lomo and other stuff and tried them on him. aaand taraaaaa he was sooo adorable cute. 

i love him

then dinda who is pipi's sister and my soulmate :p came to my house too and after she saw pipi's funny pictures, she wanted to take some pictures too HAHAHA silly.

nice blur 

after that I chatted with dinda for a while and dinda would probably  stay for some nights at my house yeaay! i was very happy today, and maybe tomorrow i'll get something better. i wish :)

bye for now,
missy wild geek

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