Thursday, December 18, 2008


I got many things which are very interesting this day. in school, i went to the music studio at Passer Baroe with kak puput, kak caca, kak irma and kak pingkan to mix the songs for the pensi thingy (again). the studio was so cold and cozzy, i like it. after that, we waited for the old man who mixed the songs. we ate rujak which is very very delicious, Pak Ohim bought them for us, thanks Pak! then, Tante Susan bought us chicken satay and it's soo delicious (again). we've been there for about 4 hours and we went back to school at 1.30 pm. and we had to put the keyboard that we brought to the music studio back to the second floor hall,it was so tiring because the keyboard was very heavy.

funny funny

I went home with verina and wita (again) and we did laugh a lot as always. when I arrived at home, it was very dark. I tried to switch on the light but it didn't on. well, there was a power outage at my house, actually all houses in the neighborhood. the worst thing is my laptop ran out of batteries, so did my iPod and of course I can't charge them. Finally, I slept over in heat condition and suddenly I woke up and I saw my bunda's face. yeaay, i hugged her tightly. and i hugged my brother superb tightly too, gosh. i  miss him to the core :p and they were telling their story and it was very fun :) wraaaa i love my family. 

freaky style :s

okaay that's enough for today and now i'm very sleepy. hehehe :3


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