Sunday, December 21, 2008


love today, taken by firda

today is a usual cheery day. i woke up at 7 am and bunda dropped dinda to smun 8 to bta. and my brother was sleeping when i woke up. so i turned on my laptop and did many random things on the internet. i took a bath at 10 am and blablabla until 12 pm then me, bunda, my brother and kak rian( my brother's friend) picked up dinda at smun 8. well, my brother and his friend wanted to meet some teachers or whoever there cause it was their high school. when we arrived, my brother cancelled his mind to meet whoever it was because he wanted to go with his friends. 
then we ate mie pulomas then went home, but my brother went away with his friends to somewhere :s and he promised to printed the lomo thingy at fuji film. i hope he remember that.
at home, me and dinda were very bored then we decided to take some pictures outside my house, actually in front of my house.  i took out my stuff and badambaraaa we were so exited and happy. first, dinda took some pictures of me and hereee you goo

parampaaapparaa the happy ms.sunshine

then, i took some pictures of dinda. and you know whaat?? we took 358 pictures in 2 hours HEHEHE yeaaah we were so craazy. thank god our neighbor weren't angry cause we were laughing and screaming a little(not really) too loud. hahaha. 

play with me!

actually, i'm waiting for my brother now, well waiting for his promised actually. i reaaally can't wait. maybe i'll post them tomorrow. ouch, i uploaded photos on facebook from 5pm till 10 pm and they haven't finished yet! i think i'll continue it tomorrow :s what a stupid facebook! well based on my opinion these are the best shoots for today

taken by dinda and me

nyaaah i'm so sleepy and i want to read before i go to bed. tomorrow, i'll go to trax at sarinah again to buy traxkustik's tickets I HAVE TO GET IT! errr :s

don't get bored, 
miss sunshine 

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