Wednesday, December 17, 2008


today is the craziest day from the past 2 weeks I think. well, maybe there was some kind a messy stuff about the pensi thingy because bu pandi was so wishy-washy this morning. she said to all teachers that we had to skip the practise, but at downstairs, all the pensi group from kindergarten to JHS have been already prepared for the running. So, we (SHS) checked to our drama teacher and he said we had to practise! GEEZ. than we went upstairs again to asked bu pandi and she said YES WE HAD TO PRACTISE. omg, she just like a water beyond the leaves! I already prepared all the sound system from my laptop and I had to turn it off then I had to turn it on again! it was sooo miserable :s all the TPSU group were very peevish about it and we really want to screamed in front of bu pandi's face. graaor! 

then we did the running once and we went upstairs to watch the choir contest. It was so nice, but my class didn't do the best because their voice were so small, but it's okay. after that, I went downstairs again to do the running until 1.30 pm. well, today is KAK FINA's birthday so we (TPSU) planned to make a surprise for her. Kak Puput acted like she was angry because blackman(including kak fina) didn't do well in the dancing thing. so they had to do it over and over again until kak puput mad and left. actually she left because she wanted to take the cake hahaha. and suddenly we screamed and sang a happy birthday song and kak fina cried. HAHA it was soo fun! then, kak sasa splashed fanta to kak fina! gee, that was so crazy hahaha. after I got the cake, me and meli went home with verina and wita. 

got them from google :)

me, wita and verina planned to make a math homework for the next semester at my house. when we arrived, we opened our trigonometri book but we were still laughing and joking hahaha then I called my bunda from skype cause tomorrow she will come back to jakarta from spore with my brother too and I want to ask the time and blablabla. after that, I called pizza hut to order american favorite cause we were very hungry :p then we started to make the homework but of course we didn't make that seriously. then the pizza man came and we ate very greedy (kidding). and then, we continueour homework until 6 pm and we haven't finished it cause we did laugh a lot. hahaha GOSH it was soo fuunn :D from wita's soprano laugh, they tickled me until verina fell from bed and others like we finally know our own mortification hahaha I love you my crazy besties :3


yep, I think that's enough for today. crazy, isn't it? well, really can't wait for tomorrow cause I miss my bunda and of course my brother too:) hope they can arrive at Jakarta safely. amen. ow, I forget something, I wanna say thankies to hilda for helping me checking my grammar so if there's something wrong in it, just blame it on hilda hehehe noo, kidding.

cheer for miss sunshine,

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