Thursday, September 24, 2009


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I'm totally in a very bad mood. Totally.
You have to know that yesterday I was accidentally deleted all of my photos in Singapore. I didn't do it in purpose. It was some technically errors, my mouse was like double clicked it and I don't know why it made the photos were copied many times so I was going to erase them but unfortunately I didn't realize that I deleted all of them. Ya, ALL OF THEM including the original one. Oh man I was so stressed out, I cried so loud until my pillow, bolsters, dolls were on the floor. Yea I threw them very harsh and screaming crazily. And I broke my headband. I was very insane until my mom came to my room because she thought I was going to kill myself or what.
I was like, "Gosh I never had this errors shit before. All of my photos? Which I haven't move it to my laptop??? And it's gone?????"
Well, I'm not going to be some like traumatic of using the camera or whatever cause I think that will be stupid. I know that it's gone now, what can I do? Nothing. But I will never ever trust a camera. I mean I'm not going to believe that camera will save my memories. I should be the one who save my memories, in my brain, my heart.
Actually, I'm so sad about it because I went to Singapore Zoo and I got plenty of good photos.
Hhh.. what a damn jerk.


Natasia Melita Kohar said...

firdaaaaaaaaaaa sabarr yaaaa aku jg pernah kayak gituuu tapi lagu!!! resekkk bangett ud teriakk2 hehehehe :))

Firda Firdaus Abdi said...

Hahaha iya caaaa trimakasihh:D:D emanggg rese banget kann kek semuanyaaaaa yang bagus2 gitu keapus juga ckckckck behh kalo lagu sih masih bisa dicariii tapi kalo foto? hahahaha