Monday, June 22, 2009


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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVELY CITY JAKARTA! jangan macet-macet dong capek tau ngeliatnya. Semoga Jakarta makin asik dan makin bener.

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DANG! I really really hate this holiday. Do you want to know whyyyyyy? It's because I'm having a very bad flu and cough. The worst thing is, my eyes are very red and watering so I can't see bright light too much. My head is spinning around like I'm riding a marry go round for a hundred times now.

Anyway, I canceled my plan going to Singapore to visit Rakha (again) because my brother wants to go to Netherland to has some interview and a little holiday. I don't want to go to Singapore by myself, too lazy. AArgh I'm so bored!

I wish I can cut my nose, seriously it's very disturbing.
photo by my brother as usual but I edited the colors.

miss sunshine.

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