Monday, May 11, 2009


I was having a really bad time at school. It wasn't because of my friends, friends are cool and good. Only a few of them are disturbing but I still can handle it. Okay, today is a horrible day. I really have no passion for school, I was very sleepy! It was just like my eyes won't open to see everything! And the economy test was very disgusting, it made me headache. And today, three of my friends went to the clinic school thing. I don't know, I think everyone's having a bad mood today... Or maybe it was because we had to move to hot class which doesn't have air conditioner. I hate that class, it's so hot, full of voices from another class because it doesn't have window. And the weather was not good today, it was raining and there was a little thunderstorm and I felt wet, sticky and weird. Thank God that the Biology remedial was suspended until Wednesday, besides, I forgot that there was a remedial for biology today. Stupid. Well, the most interesting thing that I got today was THE STRAWBERRY JUICE that I bought at elementary school's canteen. I know it sounds very pathetic, but it was so refreshing and healing. I wanted to buy es podeng which is so delicious and terrific at Post Office but my mom told me that it was better if I bought that juice. And yea she was right. I always buy that juice but I don't know why I feel different when I drank that this time. Maybe it was because the bad weather.

I slept at the car from 2 pm till 4 pm because I got to go to my English course and I was having a test there! I did my test in a sleepy condition. Great. After I arrived at home, I was webcaming with Rakha! And my brother sent me this

using swimming costume, complete with the duck and another sea creatures toy.

using soccer's costume complete with the socks. lol

I miss him, he's bigger bigger bigger and chubbier now! I want to kiss him and hug him. Sorry if I always post his pics, I just can't stand of it.

Since tomorrow is a holiday and I have 2 tests on Wednesday, ups I mean 3 tests (Accountancy, Algebra, and Biology remedial) so I must sleep asap then I can be fresh tomorrow! I want my passion for study back!

good night,
miss sunshine.

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