Friday, May 15, 2009


Finally, this is Friday and I can breathe for a while. Just one day, obviously. I just happy because this tiring week is totally over. And tomorrow I have to study to prepare my final exam so I can get good scores. 22nd may, friends! Less than a week! I'm not ready yet, but I must!

Anyway, I made a Mandarin assignment with Meli after school. Marci is supposed to be there too, but she was on the Biology competition thing at SMUN 8 so she couldn't make it with us. It was so fun! Meli shared many stories and I did too. The funniest thing that we made was some unimportant baloons! I made the pink one named Barbara and Meli made the yellow one named Birbiri. It was so not important, but funny.

Birthday's coming! I'm curious, what will the teachers give to me as a birthday present? Is it going to be biology, physics, math, or maybe geography? As long as the final exam schedule is not posted, then I won't know the present.

miss sunshine.

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