Friday, May 8, 2009


I went to my grandma's birthday on 5th May at Rawamangun, you know as always, at Sederhana West Sumatra Restaurant. My grandmother likes that restaurant so much. And finally I met Dinda again, we took many pics like crazy. And we bought fried ice creams again which are very delicious. hehehe.

Final tests are coming, sisters and brothers! And honestly, I'm very scared of them! I must study very hard so I can get what I want. Besides, my counseling teacher told me that I have to control my biology scores. Wish me luck, everybody!

I canceled my freaky friday plan with wita today, because I had some family stuff things. gross. I MISS HAVING A FREAKY FRIDAY WITH WITA. super! making some silly movies, eating like a female pigs, taking many carzy photos, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa miss that so much! I wish I can do it again someday, after the final test of course.

trying to relax,
miss sunshine.

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