Sunday, April 12, 2009


Oh My God. 
I can't believe that today is the last day of the "3 day holiday". I mean, time moves very fast! I haven't even feel the happiness of this short holiday. TESTS ARE COMING, PEOPLE! INDONESIAN, BIOLOGY (which is killing me), ALGEBRA, GEOGRAPHY(I'm dead), ART ASSIGNMENT, CHEMISTRY ASSIGNMENT. aaaa enough, teacher! Okay, let's take a deep breathe. 

I must study Biology tonight; no matter what baby, I MUST STUDY BIOLOGY. or else, I will fall into that stupid REMEDIAL hole. And actually I'm a little pessimist for geography. why? BECAUSE I ALWAYS FAILED ON GEOGRAPHY TESTS. My God, please bless me on geography and biology. amen

by the way, I had a nice lunch with my family at Ever Fresh Restaurant, Pejompongan. The foods were very delicious and nice. I met Disha, my sweet little naughty niece. 

and, I would like to share some photos of my baby nephew (again, ehem) RAKHA. He is super cute!!! I really can't wait to visit him. I wish I can be a ginny, disappear in a second and I can fly with my magical carpet ride to Singapore. HiHi. No fairy tales, Firda honey. wake up. 
p.s.: look at his hand, it's just like a "fatty samchan"

okay, okay. I think it's enough; you know, remembering my promise to study biology, I  have to stop writing. HeeHeeHee

happy holiday? naah.
miss sunshine.


niysa said...

Smangat beybiiiiihhh.. Ga perlu pake pompom sgala kan aku?? =p huhu..

Salam dari Bobo.. katanya : "tenang ajaaa pasti bisa ujian biology 'n geography nyaaaa.. ;)"

Firda Firdaus Abdi said...

kak nisa: THANK YOUUU KAK NISYONG :D HIHIHI aaa bobo lucuuuuuu