Thursday, April 16, 2009


Rakha's trying to read his Peek-a-Boo cute book
I like that colorful book, by the way :p

okay, I know I'm being overreacted everytime I see my nephew's (Rakha) pics. Just blame it to my brother (Rakha's dad) who always send me his photos everyday. GEEZ, he is so cute! He's just like a fat doll! I can't imagine how if I meet him on this Saturday, maybe I will kiss his cheeks first, then I will play with him like crazy. HaHaHaHa Can't wait!! 

Meet Rakha's new toy: MR. (never ending) CHOCOLATE 

Anyways, I'm very tired today, and sleepy of course. I can't believe that art assignments is still waiting there on my desk. The worst thing is, I really am not in the mood to do that art assignment, it's so boring! And it's not like the previous art assignment that I've done before with a happy face. It's just like we have to color many cubes with the same color, and we have to use 3 colors in one cube. But the colors must be in the same "family", I mean like dark blue, navy blue, and turquoise or green, yellow, and lime. So the cube can looks like the real one. I think it's so complicated and I hate coloring!
Okay, I have to finish that BORING assignment asap, so I can sleep early. 

I looooove Rakha,
miss sunshine.

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