Saturday, March 14, 2009


last friday, i was working on my "religiositas" group thing. well it was very fun because at first we might be serious but in the end esp when we were taking pictures, we were losing our control. OH MY GOD. very crazy! and then suddenly sisi, boya, and gigi came and we became more crazy.

my reli's group
stella richie inez me

we messed up our hair and we didn't care about anything although everyone was looking at us. hahahaha! you might be scared of all these pictures but they're not really spooky, are they? they're still funny hahaha i think sisi got the most scariest pose ever! she was just look like the one in the movie called the eye thing :o

me and stella
stella, you scared me!


me, sisi, and stella

well we are very GRAOR :p i think this post isn't really important :p i just want to share the pictures because they're cool, i guess.

look at my silly bangs :p

HIHIHIHIHI *devils smile
miss sunshine.

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