Thursday, October 21, 2010


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Hello friends!
I've been working to convince myself that having a good mood in the morning will affect your entire day. So, I decided to do these little things every morning to boost my mood. And it's been 2 weeks!
  1. I collected all of happy songs on my iTunes and made them as a playlist. And every morning, I listen to that playlist and try to sing along with it.
  2. Well, this is actually my habit since I was a little kid... Sing in the bathroom! I don't know why but it makes me really happy!
  3. Usually, I take a bath every morning with hot water because it's still cold outside but I finally decided to take a bath with cold water. I even wash my face every morning with ice cubes+cold water to make me fresher and fresher.
  4. And when I look into my face in the mirror, I say "Today is gonna be a good day, BE POSITIVE!" in my heart at least ten times. Then, I make a BIG WIDE GRIN on my face to make sure that everything is gonna be okay.
  5. Then, I keep listening to that happy songs on my iPod until I arrive at school.
  6. At school, I say HI to my friends, smile and laugh with them, just BE HAPPY!
  7. And I try to focus with what I face at that time and try not to think about anything else.
Yeah, that's my way to be happy all day. What's yours?
I hope you all have a GOOD TIME!

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