Monday, July 5, 2010


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I just wanna say that I'm having a super great time in Singapore. I met so many lovely friends here. I am happy, very happy.
Anyways, yesterday I posted on twitter that I met justin bieber on omegle. Well, I thought he was real because when I asked him 'are you really really justin bieber?" for several times he nodded his head, and he seemed so real. I was very shocked. I mean, who doesn't? Even if you're not his lover, I guess you're gonna be shocked too when you suddenly see him on omegle. Well, I wasn't trying to make a hoax, remembering that I'm totally not a bieber freak or hater.
But today I saw on youtube that someone can easily make a justinbieber prank. The point is, I don't know if he was real or not. So, don't ever think that I was trying to make a hoax. Thank you.
Hmm, my left-side laptop mousepad is broken. Well, not completely broken, I still can use it but it works improperly and I do not really like that. Feels very weird and abnormal. I could blame it on Rakha for this, cause he really likes to 'play' with my laptop in sarcasm way. But, never mind. He's one year old.
I guess that's all. Good bye.

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