Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ThingsI Want To Say

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Few days ago, I wanted to remove this blog. Not only this blog but also facebook and twitter. I wanted to remove such things that can distract me away from my concentration. I want to study harder, seeing my mid term report card which was not really good. But, it's not a good idea, maybe I'll update if I have a free time only.
And, I made a new decision, I quited from my lesson course and now I'm trying to study by myself. It helps so much, I can pay more attention at the class and let my brain works properly, and of course make me better in managing my time.
Anyway, tomorrow my brother will leave me again after 3 weeks in here, we didn't do many things together, remembering that his purpose to come back here was to do something that very important, something that risking his life and future. And I understand. He's mine, though. I just want the best for him. Last two weeks, I got my complete brothers around me, plus Rakha. But my first brother went back to Singapore last Sunday. I just felt so happy at those weeks! Having a big brothers is a biggest luck for me.
My mood isn't really good lately, I don't understand in this thing. I hate it. School stuff is going pretty good, I like the class situation now, but still waiting when we will move from that gloomy class. Actually, I have a new close friend rite now, her name is Maya and me and my friends (esp me) like to bullying her in front of her. Well, not that "bullying" but you know, just joking around about her, because she sleeps a lot in class. So we made some songs for her and sing it to her like everyday esp when she's sleepy and fortunately she responded it just with a laugh. It's so fun. She is nice, she wants to teach me things that I don't understand, she likes to help others, she's just nice.
Urgh, if there's a topic about college, I don't want to talk about it. But I must think about it. Particularly, I want want want to go abroad. Really want! But still don't know where. My brothers once told me to go to Singapore, then U.S, then Netherlands, and now they are really excited to make me go to Germany. Super Great, I'm confused. But however, I love them, they are really care about my future.
I must finish my TOEFL asap!! I think I should call Ms. DJ again to come to my house and teach me again, it's been like 2 months since the last time she came and taught me. I postponed for a while cause I was very busy with school on January. I must call her... Hmh.
O ya, I went to JJF last Saturday with Wita and Verina. IT WAS SUPER DUPER FUN! Though I think last year JJF is much much better than this year but it's okay, I went there with my special friends! We did stupid things together like my mom brought me a super sized spaghetti and we ate it together with one spoon. It was so crowdeddd! And I think JHCC is better for an event like JJF than JiExpo.
Well, I think I must stop. Homeworks is waiting for me! See ya later guys!

P.S: My face looks like a perfect circle up there, you can even make it with a spacer maybe.

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