Saturday, February 20, 2010


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Hey guys! Been a while since my last post hehehe Well, I just wanna tell ya that school rocks! I love my friends, my good friends, my best friends. Hmm actually, the thing that I want to tell is that I want to take a guitar course! Hahaha But still don't know when.. It's cool you know, seeing people around me playing guitars. I'm only interested with acoustic guitar not the electric one. Literally, I'm not a person that can learn block notes easily. Like piano, ugh hate it. It's confusing! I don't know whether it is really hard or it's just me being so stupid and lazy. I used to take a singing course, but I can't play any instrument and I want to tryyyy! Huh okay just forget it. Will think about it later, maybe after my midterm is over and SUCCEED.
Aaaanyway, I've just changed my header. Haha so freak ya, but I'm bored with the old one that I took from flickr. At least, I made the new one by myself. O yeah, I'll have my midterm on monday! Why everything is going so fast!! 11th grade will be over in just like a BAM!
Okay I have to stop blabbering and start studying. Peace.

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