Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Just some old photos by my brother. I can't believe that next week, my holiday is totally over and it means that I can't act like a pig in the bed or like a hungry elephant who eats all the time with some chocolates on its hands. So far, this week was cool. I went to school for practicing with my TPSU friends and it was fun! 
I'm super-duper-curious, who will be my classmates? I hope I can be in the good class with the cool friends, so I can have some spirits to study. 
I want to refresh my brain, to start these school things in the best mood. I don't want to do any mistakes that I had done before or I'm gonna call myself a loser. No, I ain't serious, I'm not going to call myself in that way. 
Anyway, what's up with facebook badge? Is it broken or what?


jellypilotot said...

pake firrrr
manteb nih robo3
colong aja dari kaka looo

Firda Firdaus Abdi said...

hahahahhaa pengennya sih gitu nad cuma gue ga bisaa foto foto trus hasilnya sebagus dia atau lo gitu nad wakakakaka