Monday, June 8, 2009


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It was raining very hard this day and the thunder, the light.. Gosh it was very frightening and scary. And also the traffic jam was very disturbing and annoying.
My grandmother stayed for a night, yeaay!

English course was very boring, especially Lona didn't come so I had no friend to talk with. zzzzzt
I was washing dishes this evening while I was listening to 6 songs of John Mayer...

Can't wait for tomorrow! Why? Because Kak Nisa will pick me up after school!! Miss her so much! hehehe :)
And I will have some breakfast with my best friends tomorrow morning cause we will start school at 9 am. Hope it will be fun!

GTG. my brother's yelling cause he wants to watch that's 70 show thing. Gosh.
ow, that umbrella picture was taken by my brother also.. he's amazing!

miss sunshine

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