Sunday, June 14, 2009


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Guess what?

the 100th post!
I don't really care about my blog so I think this is not important. HeHeHe :P

Anyway, I haven't tell you guys about the newspaper assignment from KOMPAS few days ago. My group named it Burst and it's kinda technology newspaper thing. It was so fun especially I got a chance to interview Fitri Tropica ( she's very nice and super funny, by the way) by phone. Sometimes facebook is helping enough. But mine is nothing if you can see the other groups, some of them got a chance to interview Andi Malarangeng, RAN, Afgan, and other celebrities. Gosh.

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(sorry for the blur)

miss sunshine.


Janice Nerissa said...

foto nya keren banget!! kok bisa dapet efek gitu sihhhh?? edit nya pake apaan? keren!!! btw thanks for dropping by my blog. :D nice blog you have..

Firda Firdaus Abdi said...

makasihhhhhh :) itu editnya di hehe keren banget emang websitenya bisa edit foto jenisnya macem2 gitu hehehe