Saturday, May 9, 2009


today I made my biology assignments with Laura, Ersa, and Katya at school. Andrea and Jane didn't come so we it was just four of us.We started at 9 am, but Katya went home at 12 o'clock, Ersa went home at 1.30 o'clock.. so it was just me and Laura left at school, alone until 3 o'clock. It was very fun although there was no one left beside us! We screamed, laughed, and talked about many things like crazy. We made a recycle bag from some unused fabrics. At first, Laura couldn't sew.. ya you have to know that she is kinda boyish thing but after Ersa taught her, SHE COULD! I was a little bit suprised with it. Hahaha. Ersa bought us some Dunkin Doughnuts! I must pay 10 thousand rupiah for her on monday cause I didn't bring my purse.

After that, I went to Verina's crib to make an Art Assignments with Wita, too. I was very shocked when I saw Verina's cheek which is so big because of her teeth surgery yesterday. It's just like there was a big meat ball in her left cheek and I couldn't stop laughing seeing her cheek. It's so funny! So bad that I couldn't get her pic. Haha sorry baby! We always have fun when we meet each others. Gossip is a must! But, we are not trying to be some gossip girls who have snake mouth!

Teachers gave us many assignments and tests before the final test to complete the scores. I'm going to have 2 tests each day next week! Crazy! Next Tuesday I'll get a holiday because the 12th grade will have a school final tests. Good luck everyone!

over joy,
miss sunshine.

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