Thursday, April 9, 2009

play that funky music

throw your hands up in the air if you know this a.m.a.z.i.n.g rock and roll 
raaawwwr I LOVE this super cool american idol contestant

by the way, finally I'm having these 3 day holidays. but I canceled my plan going to singapore to visit rakha because my mom said that it would be better and longer if I go there on 20-25 april cause I'll get holiday on those week, too. So, I've got nothing to do now except reading Lolita (by Vladimir Nabokov) and listening to my iPod. I got many tests next week so I have to study asap but not now, of course. tomorrow I'll go to my auntie's house, hope it will be fun. anyways, I really want to watch movie (at the cinema, obviously) with dinda, please please please. it's been a very long time since I watch Madagscar 2 at the cinema. Oh My God, please. pathetic.

ow, I wanna say a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to STELLA GUNAWAN my gunny, my best friend :) I hope you can get everything superb baby!

happy easter day!
miss sunshine.

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