Thursday, April 9, 2009


my dream has finally come true...

I watched KNOWING with my dinda bebyong.I think that movie is VERY GOOD, SUPERB! twelve thumbs up! but I think the ending of that movie was quite weird, there was a spaceships thing, awkward. but overall, VERY COOL. you should watch it.

 it talks about the end of the world, about all tragedies happened in the last 50 years. but the most interesting thing in this movie is, about 50 years ago a little mysterious girl had written many numbers in a piece of paper and (I'm gonna make this fast) 50 years later, a boy found that paper and his dad found that those numbers show a date of tragedies and how many victims were killed by those tragedies. for example: 9114146, it means 11 September there were 4146 people killed by WTC thing. cool, right? and in the end there was a weird number like this 1019EE and it means 19 October and the victims are going to be "Everybody Else" which means all of the living things, or on the other words, it's gonna be the end of the world! GEE. it was very shocking and cool!

after watching, we ate at Starbucks and we were chatting about many things! aaa I miss Dinda very much. It's just like we haven't meet each other in a century (say  L for lebay)

I wanna watch Monsters Aliens, seems very funny and interesting hehehe. maybe next time, if I got an extra time to watch movie again. 

cherry cherry boom boom, 
miss sunshine.

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