Sunday, April 26, 2009


home sweet home..
with no more this

ga ada Rakha yang ketawa-tawa
ga ada Rakha yang muntahin baju gue
ga ada Rakha yang suka tereak-tereak ga jelas
ga ada Rakha yang pipinya tiap detik selama seminggu gue ciumin
ga ada Rakha yang gue gendong-gendong
ga ada Rakha...
ga ada Rakha...
ga ada Rakha..
the point is, no more Rakha

and no more Heaven and Earth green tea everyday, I wish there is a Heaven and Earth Green Tea here..
Maybe I will visit Rakha again on June, maybe. yeah, maybe. 

Yesterday I ended up my day at Sisi's Garden Party. It was very very crowded. It was so nice that I finally met my friends, my best friends. I miss them so much! We were laughing, talking about anything, gossiping about many things, aaaaa it was just like we haven't met each others in many years! Well, tomorrow I will meet them again, at school .. yeah at school.

happy birthday Sisi, I love you.

Meli, Firda, Wita

Do I look different here?

I really really have no passion for study this time, but I can't let myself be in this situation for long times, of course I can't. wake up wake up wake up firda! I have to find another spirit!

fight again,
miss sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

Jeng, suka banget foto2 kamu sama Rakha.. =) -sekar-